the world is going nuts..

the more you solve, more confusing it gets..

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How will i explain it to my daughter?.

Today i remember an old story about how a bad apple turned 10 other good apples that time, i was told this story by my teachers and parents to tell me that a bad company can transform you to have some bad habits..but now a days when i think to tell this story to my kid, i think hard what i will tell my daughter if she asks me that why 10 good apples could not turn that bad apple good?..why always a good person being turned bad and not vice versa..

Should i tell her that Negativity has always been stronger than positivity? takes immense power and self control to be positive all the times, but it takes just a thought to turn you negative after all that hard work..and its so strong that it sucks all positivity around you that you have been trying to contain for so many days.. now a days, with so many distractions all over the place, it has just got messier…

Jealousy is one of the strongest factor of this update on the facebook by any of your connection can turn you jealous..” How on this earth can s/he be travelling to these places every other day?..Another car/house?..s/he has some other source of income i tell you…Has s/he  got no other work than to post his morphed photo on the fb daily?. oh, s/he has got so loving husband/wife!! i have never been gifted things like that etc etc.” and what not..(disclaimer: i have posted only the most benign of comments i have heard over the years)…i am not over reacting when i say that i have seen  very rich, successful people going frustrated and ultimately depressed over the success of another person, forgetting that  they have got enough to make others jealous..

i will elaborate on other negative aspects sometime later…now, i am busy thinking how to hide this story from my daughter.. (she is already here with her story book in her hands…God Save me!!! from her questions..)


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where is the education in schools?..

This time of the year, every year, the race begins, the race for the parents to various schools, their neighbours, internet and whatever sources available to search for the best schools and apply for NURSERY admissions for them..and more often than not, the school which emerges the best is the school which they considered best before the rush everybody is on the same boat and asking others for directions…

but what is a best school nevertheless?..i am asking this question to myself for so long now as i am one RAT of this race to school…An answer from me would have been: the best school is the one which not only imparts fundamental knowledge but also makes my kid learn INCLUSIVENESS and SENSE of BELONGING..

but is this what schools are imparting now a days?..most of the school forms i filled wanted information about my education, my status in society, my salary and many other questions about my child upbringing and blah blah..for example, few question left me bemused and really confused that how these question will judge me? aren’t these questions to be answered ideally every time..

for example what could a father answer a question like :how would you contribute to growth of your child? i wanted to answer: really, i thought an admission at your school was good enough!!!

another Gem of the question: as parents, our aspirations for our child are…
i again stopped short of writing : i want my child to be the BEST GOON of my Society so that nobody dares to poke into my matter.

one more: what values do you want to inculcate in your child?..
i wanted to scream really..what values does any parent want in his/her child…is;nt the answer to this question known to you already, or will you impart only that value which i want and keep others for other kids.

and the best would you handle if your child cannot cope-up with school work?? WHOA!! so there are great chances that they turn my child an IMBECILE..I am still thinking of the answer..what will i do?.

jokes apart, on a serious note,whatever i say, whatever i feel and whatever i want my child to imbibe from d school, the truth is this and my kid will be a part of this education system sooner…

and i end this with these lines from SADHGURU:..

“Right now, the whole education process is just about survival. Education should not be about survival. It should be about broadening your horizons. Because people have become so mad about their economic status, we have twisted education into a way of milking money from the world. This has to change. If one keeps his intelligence uncluttered, wherever you put him he will survive. We want to produce not just loving, wonderful adults, but very resilient adults. Even if you put him in hell, he should slowly convert it into heaven”