the world is going nuts..

the more you solve, more confusing it gets..

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“Disappointment is just the Distance between Expectation & Reality.”

Oh so… elections are over, results are out and India will soon have its most highly rated, most ambitious, most outspoken and according to the analyst, most suitable prime minister for the current ongoing scenario in the country..

Specialists in every field of life have laid down the lists of their expectations from the new government, news channels are busy interviewing and analyzing every step by “PM”… I, as a parent of a girl child, as a son of senior citizens couple, as a middle class consumer and as a responsible citizen of India, have some expectations too, that I pen down here in the hope of a better nation:


  1. First and foremost, A demand from a father of a GIRL child: please make the atmosphere of the country favorable for my daughter so that I can promise my daughter that:


  • She has been brought into a world where females are not seen as an object of lust or for that matter even a goddess…
  • She will always be treated as equal to males, and get equal opportunities in every aspect of life…
  • She can pursue any dream without fear of being objected to…and..
  • She can visit any place, any road; take any transport, at any time without any fear of being commented on, Ogled, mobbed, molested, raped or murdered…


2. Demands from a middle class goods consumer and A citizen of India:  Well well, the list is endless; still I am listing a few urgent ones…


  • Need to curb ever high inflation rates and never down corrupt practices
  • Create job opportunities and better prospects for unemployed youth, and good education system for children.( .(as Modi once said, “There is a need to lay emphasis on empowering the youth in the country, by giving them direction and infrastructure to grow.”)
  • Need stricter laws to control Pollution and Population.
  • Improve infrastructure, business prospects, and economic growth.


with these minimum demands, i hope and wish our new Prime minister , along with his subordinates, marks a new era in Indian History..