the world is going nuts..

the more you solve, more confusing it gets..

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Be Positive..have friends..

All these days in the new work place, some good and some not so, were not without some  much valuable experiences to learn from….and most important thing i realised once again was that its important to be in positive state of mind to feel happiness….it is always necessary to tell yourself always that you wanna be happy and you’ll have to try for it….sometime a seemingly small thing like a call from a friend or just some news in the newspaper can bring smiles too…but all that is magical really and i felt that magic these days…or say it happened earlier too but i recognised it now only…
well, those who haven’t got much, are crying for food and clothes…those who have got that are trying to be at the zenith of their careers and life..those who have reached there are starving for more luxuries and an edge above their competitors…and those who have got all materialistic things of words are looking out for some peace….so thing which we all yearn for ultimately, is peace…and surely we only can find ways to get this for ourselves..
and here i remember two nice lines..
सफर में सुकून चाहो तो थोड़ा सामान काम कर लो,और

 सुकून ज़िंदगी में चाहो तो अपने अरमान काम कर लो।..

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Money has never made man happy, nor will it. The more of it one has the more one wants.

This quote by Benjamin franklin says in one line what I would  probably take more than 100 words to describe. Can money produce happiness?…NEVER…It only produces ILLUSION of HAPPINESS.

When I was a kid, I often used to see my parents going through a difficult period, with concerns over one or another financial issues, but never once did it suggest that they were not happy. Instead, they were able to shrug their concerns and be at ease with whatever their situations were. They used to work hard and still always had time to play me and my kins, to attend to ceremonies of relatives, to gossip about with friends, and god knows what not..

Now that we all are grown up man and woman, earning (and squandering) much more what they(our parents) used to, still nowhere near to that bliss and content we always saw on their face and in their actions. Brain is always occupied with chaos, and sometime if we pause and think, we find no reason for this more often than not. It is like we have moulded ourselves in a way to live in these state of FRENZY and DISARRAY.

Today, I ADMIT that I have much less time for for MORE IMPORTANT things in life than to earn money..I ADMIT that I have not seen my friends and calling my relatives that often what I should have been..I ADMIT that I do not enjoy most of the thing I have been doing for the sake of others.I ADMIT that I compare my life to others than to be satisfied with what I  have..