the world is going nuts..

the more you solve, more confusing it gets..

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“Disappointment is just the Distance between Expectation & Reality.”

Oh so… elections are over, results are out and India will soon have its most highly rated, most ambitious, most outspoken and according to the analyst, most suitable prime minister for the current ongoing scenario in the country..

Specialists in every field of life have laid down the lists of their expectations from the new government, news channels are busy interviewing and analyzing every step by “PM”… I, as a parent of a girl child, as a son of senior citizens couple, as a middle class consumer and as a responsible citizen of India, have some expectations too, that I pen down here in the hope of a better nation:


  1. First and foremost, A demand from a father of a GIRL child: please make the atmosphere of the country favorable for my daughter so that I can promise my daughter that:


  • She has been brought into a world where females are not seen as an object of lust or for that matter even a goddess…
  • She will always be treated as equal to males, and get equal opportunities in every aspect of life…
  • She can pursue any dream without fear of being objected to…and..
  • She can visit any place, any road; take any transport, at any time without any fear of being commented on, Ogled, mobbed, molested, raped or murdered…


2. Demands from a middle class goods consumer and A citizen of India:  Well well, the list is endless; still I am listing a few urgent ones…


  • Need to curb ever high inflation rates and never down corrupt practices
  • Create job opportunities and better prospects for unemployed youth, and good education system for children.( .(as Modi once said, “There is a need to lay emphasis on empowering the youth in the country, by giving them direction and infrastructure to grow.”)
  • Need stricter laws to control Pollution and Population.
  • Improve infrastructure, business prospects, and economic growth.


with these minimum demands, i hope and wish our new Prime minister , along with his subordinates, marks a new era in Indian History..



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Money has never made man happy, nor will it. The more of it one has the more one wants.

This quote by Benjamin franklin says in one line what I would  probably take more than 100 words to describe. Can money produce happiness?…NEVER…It only produces ILLUSION of HAPPINESS.

When I was a kid, I often used to see my parents going through a difficult period, with concerns over one or another financial issues, but never once did it suggest that they were not happy. Instead, they were able to shrug their concerns and be at ease with whatever their situations were. They used to work hard and still always had time to play me and my kins, to attend to ceremonies of relatives, to gossip about with friends, and god knows what not..

Now that we all are grown up man and woman, earning (and squandering) much more what they(our parents) used to, still nowhere near to that bliss and content we always saw on their face and in their actions. Brain is always occupied with chaos, and sometime if we pause and think, we find no reason for this more often than not. It is like we have moulded ourselves in a way to live in these state of FRENZY and DISARRAY.

Today, I ADMIT that I have much less time for for MORE IMPORTANT things in life than to earn money..I ADMIT that I have not seen my friends and calling my relatives that often what I should have been..I ADMIT that I do not enjoy most of the thing I have been doing for the sake of others.I ADMIT that I compare my life to others than to be satisfied with what I  have..



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To All unknown people,The strangers, The experienced bloggers and the Critics out there…   Finally, Stepping into the blogging world, setting aside the hitch, i had for almost many years now. Every time, i had experienced any sort of emotions inside  me, be it the moment i got my first fellowship, the time i got hooked to the love of my life, the sadness that followed my fight with the same love, my first trip and others that followed it,  and on many many other incidences, I have tried unsuccessfully to put those of my emotions in terms of words.

I always had many things on my mind which i thought to write down on pages, but hardly ever i set down to move my fingers ( and brain for that matter) fine enough to culminate into something artistic of those thoughts….

but recently, my life has been going through so much of changes , ups and downs , so much of experiences about life that its hard to keep these all things in my mind….so many questions in my mind that have erupted out of nowhere that need not to be answered always but to be discussed …

the perceptions of life keeps changing every minute…whom u always think to be right doesn’t happen to be ur idol the next second….things u always had thought of being ideal, turns up to be ur most hated one day, person u’ve been with for whole of ur life, suddenly leave u for a place, never to come back….that what life is all about, the changes…gud or bad, harsh or soft, pleasant or not, u have to accept them…..and i’m fast learning to do the same…..

Whatever the reason behind this sluggishness,i have to shrug off all the fears and start afresh to put in words, all those memories inside my mind that is being circulated every now and then, to every neuron, every crest and trough of my brain matter and the memories that  have given me many sleepless nights,all the half chances that i was not able to convert, all the supports and people in my life that were not acknowledged, all the success and failures that were not shared with friends and much more..